Hiking, camping, and photographic gear

This is the equipment I use on most of my trips.

Photographic Equipment

The Canon 70D was an upgrade to my older Rebel DSLR. Although slightly heavier than the entry-level cameras, the 70D has an excellent 20 megapixel sensor and can record full HD video providing your memory card is fast enough. The camera performs very well even at high ISO settings, which makes it great for nighttime and star photography.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002Y5WXE/?tag=hiking0c-20Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens
A few years old now, the Canon 10-22mm is still a great wide angle lens with good image quality and a relatively light weight. It is a great lens to have when you are traveling and need to get tight interior shots or take expansive landscape scenes.

The MeFoto Backpacker tripod is a lightweight travel tripod which weighs just over 2 pounds and can apparently support up to 8. Its legs fold up so the tripod compacts down to the smallest size possible. I find my Canon 70D and 10-22mm lens are supported by the tripod without problem, while the 70D plus the 24-105mm lens seem to be just about on the edge of what it is capable of supporting. Nevertheless, I find it a great tripod for tasks such as star photography, which often require long walks to very remote areas.

The Backpacker is the middle of three versions of this tripod: the DayTrip is a slightly smaller, lighter, and cheaper version while the Roadtrip is the biggest of the three versions.

Camping Equipment

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004QNQUEM/?tag=hiking0c-20SteriPen Adventurer UV Water Purifier
Until recently it was fairly difficult to find a water filter or purification system that was both lightweight and capable of killing bacteria, viruses, and protozoa - but that has changed with UV filters such as the SteriPEN. I have used it on my trips since 2011 and found it easy to use and reliable. You can read my review of the SteriPen system here.

Trangia 25-7 UL / HA Ultralight Hard Anodized Stove
Trangia stoves burn ethanol alcohol instead of gas, which can be easier to find in some countries. This version is the lightest version that is made (heavier versions exist with additional pans and a kettle) and is perfect for two people.